The Ranch


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David is the owner of a ranch in a remote settlement that will soon be evacuated by the army.  He has already experienced eviction from the Sinai in 1982, and this time he has decided to give in quietly.  This causes a serious confrontation with his idealistic 17 year old son, Oriah, who is prepared to fight the eviction body and soul.

Director: Ohad Domb
Cinematographer: Moshe Huri
Amos Lavie, Oshri Cohen, Liron Levo
Screenings & Prizes

First Prize, Festival of South California 2006
First Prize for "Beginnings" festival, International Student Competition, St. Petersburg 2006
Film Festival of University of Southern California 2006
Internaltional Studnets Film Festival St. Petersburg 2006
Internaitonal Students Film Festival, Tel Aviv 2006
Film Festival Mill Valley CA 2006