Ayelet Giladi Bitan / Alumni


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2004 Documentary | 30
Life has changed beyond recognition for Aviva and Avram Herzlich after the murder of their daughter, Talia, and her husband Binyamin Ze'ev Kahana. They have left their beautiful home in the North and...more >


2004 Drama | 18
The warm relationship between Mendel, an elderly Holocaust survivor, and his Filipino caretaker, Jose, is tested when Jose does not have a work permit and the police begin searching the neighborhood...more >


2001 Drama | 16
It is Passover eve, a few hours before the festival is due to begin. The famous Israeli football team Maccabi Tel Aviv is due to play the semi final against Barcelona. Rubi, a divorced 45 year old...more >


Until the Wedding

2003 Documentary | 22
Ayelet is getting married nine months after Yuval, her brother, has died in a hiking accident. Ayelet begins to understand that, despite the happiness her family feels for her, she has placed them,...more >


The Orthodox Way

2004 Drama | 25
Eli, who is single, goes out on a blind date to please his aunt. But everything that could possibly go wrong, does, and Eli and his date spend a bizarre evening driving around the streets of...more >

The Ranch

2004 Drama | 22
David is the owner of a ranch in a remote settlement that will soon be evacuated by the army. He has already experienced eviction from the Sinai in 1982, and this time he has decided to give in...more >
Documentary Director, Producer / First AD, Editor