Evacuation Order


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On a little hilltop in the Samarian hills, a pretty young settler lives alone in her caravan.  A man and woman soldier are sent to inform her that the caravan is illegal and is being dismantled.  The man soldier falls in love with the settler, and the story becomes complicated...

Director: Shoshi Grinfeld
Producer: Meir Turgeman
Screenwriter: Shoshi Grinfeld
Cinematographer: Moshe Huri
Maya Greenberg, Yonatan Rosen, Ariella Brans
Screenings & Prizes

Jewish Festival in Ventura, California 2010

Los Angeles Festival 2010
Students Festival in Helsinki, Finland 2005
Washinton Jewish Festival, SCREENING ROOM, 2005
New Rochelle Festival, USA 2004
Pristina Festival, Kosovo 2004
Miskolc Festival, Hungary 2004
Israeli Australia Festival 2004
Westchester Jewish Festival, USA 2003
Capalbio Cinema Festival, Rome 2002
Seoul Festival for Women films 2002
Haifa Festival 2001