A Street Allegory


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A young man is torn between his desire to conform and his desire to experiment with academic and creative boundaries.

A psychological and emotional journey that takes place in the interiors and exteriors of the city of Jerusalem. The film's young protagonist searches for his inner voice while the world around him expects him to travel established and recognized routes. 
Academia meets the street. Inner authenticity wrestles with the voices from outside. The classic and the well-tried are challenged by the new and the alternative. Study and knowledge collide with experimentation and experience. 
How do you find your way? 

Director: Matan Pinkas
Screenwriter: Matan Pinkas
Cinematographer: Itaay Netzer
Editor: Matan Pinkas
YIftach Raveh Yehuda Braun Devorah Arushes Yoav HaLevi
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