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With a healthy dose of optimism and naivety, Noa attempts to deal with her reservations about Orthodox Judaism by comparing notes with two other young women of Jerusalem, one Christian and one Muslim.

Noa’s prayers are full of questions. In an attempt to make her peace with some of them, Noa befriends two young women, a Christian and a Moslem, who are also Jerusalem residents. The three explore together the challenges and reservations they have about their respective religions, but the best intentions in the world cannot paper over the chasm of differences that exist between them. The film itself becomes a prayer.

Director: Noah Anikster Oren
Producer: Noah Anikster Oren
Screenwriter: Noah Anikster Oren
Cinematographer: Liel Gur
Emily Wernz, Hadil Jaouni, Noa Anikster-Oren
Additional Crew
Sound Design: Nati Taub
Original Music: Mor Machlev
Screenings & Prizes

CILECT International Film Schools Competition 2019 - 13th place out of 100 documentary films

Jersey Shore Film Festival, USA 2020

DocUtah Documentary Film Festival USA 2021

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