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Noah Anikster Oren / Alumni


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Simple Things

2019 Documentary | 31
Raised on a secular Israeli kibbutz, thirty-seven year old Maya is now an ultra-Orthodox Jew, and searches for love the ultra-Orthodox way. A birth coach who has assisted at over 100 births, she has...more >

Dead Sea

2019 Drama | 17
Darya, a successful family lawyer, leaves the courthouse quickly to take her mom Yael, a battered woman, out of the hospital. However, Darya cannot let her mom go back to her house, so she locks Yael...more >



2019 Documentary | 28
Noa’s prayers are full of questions. In an attempt to make her peace with some of them, Noa befriends two young women, a Christian and a Moslem, who are also Jerusalem residents. The three explore...more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Editor
phone: 0542241321