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Dead Sea


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A young woman kidnaps her mother for a day and a night.

Darya, a successful family lawyer, leaves the courthouse quickly to take her mom Yael, a battered woman, out of the hospital. However, Darya cannot let her mom go back to her house, so she locks Yael in the car and takes her to the desert, to an unknown place, as far as she can from her violent father. During their journey, which is physical and emotional, Darya confronts Yael. Yael completely denies the situation. Darya undergoes a process of catharsis and eventually understands that she cannot save her mom, who does not want to be saved, but she can save herself from the violence and guilt cycle she has been stuck in until now.

Director: Shaked Shilo
Producer: Hillel Rate
Screenwriter: Shaked Shilo
Cinematographer: Aner Tausig
Sharon Tal, Ahuva Keren, Yhali Handros-Digmi, Yonatan Arnon.
Additional Crew
Sound Design: Nati Taub
Original Music: Rotem Moav
Screenings & Prizes

Through Women's Eyes Film Festival USA, 2020. Honrable Mention, Emerging Filmmaker category. 

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