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2018 Drama | 19
In the Israel of the nineties, Sami is the young son of Jewish Tunisian immigrants. Sami feels belittled by the attention lavished on his younger brother, Yudeh. One day the father insists that Sami...more >

Never Locked

2018 Documentary | 17
Eitan, a 16 year old living in the settlement of Amona, builds a stone house that becomes a hangout and shelter for friends and strangers alike. In the summer of 2016, when th Amona settlement is...more >

To Be a Cooperman

2019 Drama | 17
Aaron Cooperman, son of legendary police chief Itzik Cooperman and the most honest officer on the force, is instructed to “disappear” a parking ticket against his will. But even he cannot imagine how...more >


Point of View

2019 Drama | 18
Alex (30) dreams of being a famous photographer and in the meantime photographs walls in the street. One day he accidentally finds himself taking pictures of a crime scene. Zada (45) is sent by the...more >



2019 Drama | 9
In his new job for the ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate, all Raphael wants is a quiet life and to be ready for his pcoming wedding. But once he realizes he's been sent to "persuade" aman to give his wife a...more >
Narrative Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor