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Alex gets into trouble with the mafia when he films a crime scene by accident.

Alex (30) dreams of being a famous photographer and in the meantime photographs walls in the street. One day he accidentally finds himself taking pictures of a crime scene. Zada (45) is sent by the Mafia to eliminate Alex. In the final confrontation between them Alex needs to convince Zada ​​that he deserves to live.

Director: Aner Tausig
Producer: Shira Billig
Screenwriter: Aner Tausig
Editor: Noam Lavy
Yishay Meir, Oren Pesso, Albert Cohen
Additional Crew
Director of Photography: Matanya Tausig
Screenings & Prizes

Art Quake Kyoto Biennale Arts & Film Festival, Japan 2019

Jeresey Shore Film Festival, USA, 2020

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