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My Father's Son

2018 Documentary | 33
A shy 36 year old man lives together with his charismatic and elderly father in a small apartment. Together they pursue a religious, frugal way of life and rarely seek the company of others. But the...more >


Round Trip

2017 Drama | 6
A young woman befriends an elderly man on a bus, with unexpected consequences.more >

Dead Sea

2019 Drama | 17
Darya, a successful family lawyer, leaves the courthouse quickly to take her mom Yael, a battered woman, out of the hospital. However, Darya cannot let her mom go back to her house, so she locks Yael...more >


Within His Passions

2019 Drama | 14
Shmuel and Hannah are ultra-Orthodox Jewish newlyweds. But the sexual inexperience of both young people means that Shmuel's passion for his wife is full of fear, and the relationship is unconsummated...more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Producer / First AD, Editor
phone: 0527560216