Internal Medicine


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Keren has arrived at the hospital to see her dying father, from whom she cut off all contact years ago.

Keren arrives at the hospital where her father lies dying. Their relationship has been full of conflict and there has been no communication between them for years. Sitting by the bedside, Keren feels waves of anger washing over her as she is reminded again of how her father has treated her. Can she make her peace with these feelings, and with him, before he dies? 

Director: Rinat Sharaby
Producer: Noya Mashraky
Screenwriter: Rinat Sharaby
Cinematographer: Clelia Bertrand
Editor: Shir Eldad
Rotem Zisman-Cohen, Shimon Mimran, Anat Ravnizky
Additional Crew
Music: Ahiad Ohali
Screenings & Prizes

Tel Aviv Student Film Festival, 2020

WRPN Women's Film Festival, USA, 2021 Excellence Award

Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal, CANADA, 2021 Finalist, Best Short Film

Jersey Shore Film Festival, USA, 2021

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