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A young couple is about to go on their dream trip abroad. A fracture before the flight takes them on a different journey altogether .

Stav, newly married, is about fly abroad with her husband for the mountain trek of his dreams. When she breaks her foot a week before they are due to leave, the couple must settle for a much less glamorous trip. But for Stav at least, it's a journey that will allow her to examine for the first time ever, her needs and desires within the relationship.

Director: Liel Gur
Producer: ishay Shlezinger
Screenwriter: Liel Gur
Cinematographer: Shir Eldad
Editor: Noya Mashraky
Yarden Endevelt, Gal Amitai
Additional Crew
Co-producer: Nati Gur
Screenings & Prizes

Judges' Choice Award, Maaleh Graduation Ceremony 2020

Audience Choice Award, 

Maaleh Graduation Ceremony 2020

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