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In 1954, a baby girl disappeared from the hospital where she was being treated. Her family is still looking for her.

In 1954, baby Simhona's parents, new immigrants from Iran who were living in a refugee tent city, were told that their daughter was ill and needed to be hospitalized. She was tkaen away from them by a "nurse", and they never saw the nurse or the baby again. Days later, they were informed of Simhona's death, though no body was returned to them. Simhona's mother, now in her 90s, never recovered emtionally form the loss of the baby.

Recently, following the opening of the Israeli archives concerning the abduction of Yemenite immigrant children in the 1950's, Eli (77), Simhona's older brother, decided to begin the search for Simhona with the help of his filmmaker daughter. 



Cinematographer: Shira Billig
Editor: Shira Billig
Additional Crew
Director: Batel Kaniel
Scriptwriter: Batel Kaniel
Sound Design: Nati Taub
Original Music: Benny Weill
Screenings & Prizes

First Prize, Best Documentary, Maaleh Graduation Ceremony February 2020

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