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Raphael is sent by the ultra-Orthodox rabbinate to use physical force on a man who is refusing to give his wife a Gett (decree of divorce.)

Raphael is engaged to be married and all he wants is a simple job to make a little extra money. But once he's employed by the Rabbinate to "persuade" a recalcitrant husband to give his wife a Gett (bill of divorce), Raphael begins to realize that he may be getting more than he barganined for. 

Director: Aner Tausig
Screenwriter: Aner Tausig
Cinematographer: Shira Billig
Editor: Aner Tausig
Haim Rothstein
Additional Crew
Producer: Noam Lavi
Original Music: Dalik Samkai
Screenings & Prizes

Five Continents Online Film Festival, Venezuela, 2017 
Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, Poland, 2017 
Flame Firstcut International Student Film Festival, India, 2018 - Second Prize
Nepal International Human Rights Festival, Nepal, 2019
New York Reel International Film Festival, USA, 2019 - Best Student Film

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