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A Day Out


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Yochai, a melancholic bachelor in his 30s who has trouble taking responsibility, is asked to take care of his eight year old nephew.

Yochai, a melancholic bachelor in his 30’s, avoids living life. Beyond taking care of the most minimal chores, he avoids engaging with life by distracting himself with meaningless activities for most of the day. But today he is needed -  he must get up early to see his eight year old nephew, Ilai, on to the school bus for a special school trip. And nobody in their right mind would be irresponsible about a thing like that. 

Director: Mendy Tzivin
Producer: Avital Goldberg
Screenwriter: Mendy Tzivin
Cinematographer: Aner Tausig
Editor: Shir Eldad
Uriya Hirsch Eli Lax
Additional Crew
Sound Design: Mitch Clyman
Original Music: Guy Rodovich
Subtitles in