Shaiya Bernstein / Alumni


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Broken Arrow

2012 Other | 15
Momo, a lonely and troubled puppeteer, seeks help and acceptance in a therapy group for social misfits, preparing for the moment he will confess his dark secret.more >

Stand At Ease

2005 Drama | 19
Eighteen-year-old Noah is religious and torn between two worlds: his militaristic group of friends in the settlement where he lives and the rock band in which he is a drummer. When he gets a callup...more >

The First Night

2005 Drama | 24
Adult Subject Matter 20 year old Emunah, an orthodox bride, accompanies her new husband to their new home on the night of the wedding. Emunah awaits the wedding night with hesitations and...more >

Keeper of the Covenant

2010 Drama | 22
Matan's Bar Mitzva is two days away, the day he will become a man. For the past few months he was been disturbed by erotic dreams. Matters are made worse when Matan turns to a website for advice.more >

The Little Dictator

2015 Drama | 28
Yossi Kleinmann, a dull history professor and expert on the political leaders of totalitarian regimes, feels unappreciated both by his students and his domineering wife. One weekend, at the 90th...more >


One Too Many

2005 Drama | 24
30 year old Kobi is married to Rachel, who's been in a coma for 4 years following an accident. Kobi uses a little known loophole in Jewish Law - the signatures of 100 Rabbis - in order to marry again...more >
Narrative Director, Screenwriter, Editor