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Eighteen-year-old Noah is religious and torn between two worlds: his militaristic group of friends in the settlement where he lives and the rock band in which he is a drummer. When he gets a callup for tryouts for an elite commando unit in the IDF, Noah must make a choice between his musical career and his national service. This whacky, edgy comedy has a bitter-sweet subtext about the effect of compulsory IDF service on the lives of young Israelis.

Screenwriter: Isca Gur
Itay Turgeman, Eli Menashe, Yoni Zichholtz, Chanan Elias
Additional Crew
במאי: בנימין כץ
Director: Ben Katz
Screenings & Prizes

Israeli Jewish Film Festival Pittsbourgh USA 2006
International Student Film Festival Saint Petersburgh Russia 2006
Jewish Motive, International Film Festival, Warsaw Poland 2006 
International Student Film Festival Tel Aviv 2006
Jewish Film Festival, Chicago 2006