Shira Meishar / Alumni


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2013 Drama | 20
Nitzan, a young girl who feels out of step with her life, wants nothing to do with anyone. After behaving badly during an event at high school, she boards a bus and wishes only to be left alone for...more >


2016 Drama | 21
Miriam, an elderly war widow tormented by her young husband's death, surrounds herself with archival recordings and writes his biography in her crumbling apartment. Though she wishes only to be left...more >


2018 Drama | 15
One morning Sima leaves the women’s shelter where she lives and makes a mysterious visit to a pre-school, where she gains entry under false pretences. There she attempts to deliver a birthday present...more >

Within His Passions

2019 Drama | 14
Shmuel and Hannah are ultra-Orthodox Jewish newlyweds. But the sexual inexperience of both young people means that Shmuel's passion for his wife is full of fear, and the relationship is unconsummated...more >


Hanna is Beautiful

2015 Documentary | 22
Hanna, a special needs 37-year-old who shows a moving and philosophical insight into her situation, lives in protective housing, following her daily routine and hoping for love. Earning well below...more >


Inside Outside

2015 Drama | 13
Late at night, a young woman finds herself accidentally locked in a public facility where she has stopped to do a pregnancy test. Rescue comes from an unexpected quarter and allows the woman to view...more >

Home Made

2017 Drama | 13
Just as Helena is about to end another dreary day in the restaurant where she works, and return home to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with her husband, a stranger enters and orders a meal.....more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Editor