A Story about Rain


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In a world without rain, an artistic couple discovers that they have the power to create water. The man’s special powers challenge the couple’s relationship.

Director: Bracha Yaniger
Producer: Achva Hershtik
Screenwriter: Bracha Yaniger
Cinematographer: Eli Singer
Additional Crew
Music: Mitch Kleiman
Screenings & Prizes

Winner – Epos film festival, Tel Aviv 2014
• Winner short narrative – Peace on Earth film festival, Chicago, USA 2015
• Asian award - Beijing student film festival, China 2014
• Jury award – Dream City Film Festival, Rovno, Ukraine 2016
• Social award – Biluya maoz Fund 2013
• Award of excellence – Best shorts competition, 2015
• Official selection – Student film festival, Tel Aviv, Israel 2013
• Official selection – Collage town Film Festival, Pen State, USA 2015
• Official selection – West Chester Film Festival, Pen State, USA, 2015
• Official selection – Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2015
• Official selection – Miami Jewish film festival, Miami USA, 2016
• Official selection – The film bus, Israel 2013
• Short film corner - All Lights India International Film Festival, Cochin, India 2016
* Official selection – The Jewish Film Festival, Vienna, Austria 2016

Austin Jewish Film Festival 2020


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