Within His Passions


התאם את הממשק להקל בתנאים שונים.
גודל הפונט
מציג את הדף בניגודיות גבוהה.
מציג את הדף בשחור לבן
יכול לסייע במתקשים לעבד תנועות מסך מהירות.
Shmuel's shyness and inexperience prevent him from consummating his marriage with his beautiful young wife.

Shmuel and Hannah are ultra-Orthodox Jewish newlyweds. But the sexual inexperience of both young people means that Shmuel's passion for his wife is full of fear, and the relationship is unconsummated. Shmuel escapes by going out for long walks in the city, where he centers his fantasies on the strangers he encounters. Yet in the end it is the real/surreal response of his wife that will bring him home.

במאי/ת: הלל ראטה
מפיק/ה: שקד שילה
תסריטאי/ת: הלל ראטה
עורך/ת: שירה מישר
Dor Ronen, Or Lumbrozo
אנשי צוות נוספים
Sound Design: Nati Taub
Original Music: Dor Madmon
פרסים והקרנות

Chana and Lewis Schwartzer Prize for Best Jewish Film, Maaleh Graduation Awards, 2019

Jerusalem Film Festival 2019

Torino Short Film Market, Italy, 2020

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