What You're Going Through


התאם את הממשק להקל בתנאים שונים.
גודל הפונט
מציג את הדף בניגודיות גבוהה.
מציג את הדף בשחור לבן
יכול לסייע במתקשים לעבד תנועות מסך מהירות.
The director uses his camera to explore, for the first time, the complicated relationship between his father, his special needs brother and himself.

Benny Haneman the director takes up his camera to explore the triangle of love, hope, despair, jealousy, loyalty and trust that exists between him, his father and his older brother Gidi, who has a complex combination of special needs. For the first time, Haneman comes face to face with the fact that it is his childhood perception of his brother that informs their relationship today, as adults. Using his camera and a rich variety of archival footage shot by his father since Gidi’s birth, he creates a safe space in which the father and two brothers can eloquently and intelligently express what they have been going through, over the years.

במאי/ת: בנימין הנמן
מפיק/ה: בנימין הנמן
תסריטאי/ת: בנימין הנמן
עורך/ת: דוד טאובר
אנשי צוות נוספים
Sound Design: Mitch Clyman
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Louis & Hannah Schwartzer Prize for Best Jewish Film, Maaleh Graduation Ceremony, 2020

Tel Aviv Jewish Film Festival, Israel 2020

Miami Jewish Film Festival, Israel 2021

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