התאם את הממשק להקל בתנאים שונים.
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מציג את הדף בניגודיות גבוהה.
מציג את הדף בשחור לבן
יכול לסייע במתקשים לעבד תנועות מסך מהירות.
Liat wants to study music at the famous Julliard school in New York. Her father is against the idea and does everything in his power to prevent it - even after he has died.

Ever since Liat's mother taught her to play piano as a child, her life has revolved around music. Now, as a young adult and with her mother long gone, she begins the process of auditioning for the famous Julliard school of music in New York. Liat's embittered father has always been against the idea and has repeatedly put obstacles in her way, but with his sudden death Liat feels the last obstacle to her dream has been removed.  She is mistaken.

במאי/ת: כלנית טייאר
מפיק/ה: מיטל מימון
תסריטאי/ת: כלנית טייאר
עורך/ת: מיכל כהן
Eliana Tidhar, Eli danker, Eliran Harush
אנשי צוות נוספים
Original Music: Dor Fridman
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Nice Israel Film Festival, France Feb 2018

Los Angeles Women's Film Festival 2018

Utopia Film Festival Tel Aviv 2018

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2019

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