התאם את הממשק להקל בתנאים שונים.
גודל הפונט
מציג את הדף בניגודיות גבוהה.
מציג את הדף בשחור לבן
יכול לסייע במתקשים לעבד תנועות מסך מהירות.
When Sima decides to get close to the one thing that matters to her, she has no idea of the price she will have to pay.

One morning Sima leaves the women’s shelter where she lives and makes a mysterious visit to a pre-school, where she gains entry under false pretences. There she attempts to deliver a birthday present to Oshri, her five year old son whom  she gave up for foster care when he was a baby. But she is prevented from making meaningful contact with the child by the preschool teacher, the child’s foster parents, and ultimately by her own questions  over what is in fact is best for the child. 
A  touching and sensitive film that asks some serious questions about the emotional pain of mothers who have had to give their children away. 


במאי/ת: ליהי סבג
מפיק/ה: מיטל מימון
תסריטאי/ת: ליהי סבג
עורך/ת: שירה מישר
Noa Koler, Ruthy Borenstein, Matan Rivlin Cohen
אנשי צוות נוספים
עיצוב פס קול: Idan Rawet
Original Music: Karni Postel
פרסים והקרנות

Maaleh Graduation Awards 2018 - Judges' Choice Award

Tel Aviv Student Film Festival 2018 - First Prize for Best Editing

Jerusalem Film Festival 2018 - Student Competition

Hollyshorts Film Festival USA 2018 - Official Selection International Section

Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal 2019

Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival 2019

DC Shorts Washington DC 2019

Monterrey International Film Festival 2019

Athens Short Film Festival, Greece, 2020

Girona Film Festival, Spain, 2020

Carmel International Film Festival, Israel, 2020

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